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The worldwide phenomenon that began 25 years ago in Paris has finally hit the Big Easy. It’s part flash mob, part picnic, part gourmet and full fun and festivity.

It’s Le Diner en Blanc!

The impromptu picnic where you bring your own food and wine, you meet a lot of new people, you dance the night away and you actually have to bring your own table and chairs.

Yeah, I know it sounds like a lot of work. It’s totally worth the effort though.

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New Orleans Advocate - La Vie de Ville: Parisian-inspired pop-up party attracts hundreds

It was only a matter of time before Le Dîner en Blanc was transported from Paris to New Orleans. When the event made its debut in the Crescent City last year, more than 800 smartly dressed guests flocked to the banks of the Mississippi River at the Port of New Orleans to take part in a unique pop-up dining adventure under the stars. This past weekend, the second annual Le Dîner en Blanc in New Orleans smashed 2013 attendance numbers when 1,600 diners participated in the city’s newest event craze.

Read the full article - Diner En Blanc takes the party indoors to avoid possible rain

When meteorologists warned that the big, popup picnic, Diner En Blanc, scheduled for Saturday (May 10) at a secret outdoor location, could easily become Diner En Downpour, event impresario Cleveland Spears found a party spot with a roof … and chandeliers.

Starting after 6 p.m. on Saturday, a small army of white-clad picnickers began arriving at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans on Loyola Avenue, toting tables, chairs, baskets, bottles and an adventuresome spirit. A Diner En Blanc representative said the crowd was twice that of last year's inaugural White Dinner, which could put the number of diners in the 1,700-range. The big, but elegant, social event, which is based on a 25-year-old international model, sparkled despite the frustratingly fickle weather.

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New Orleans Living - Movers & Shakers: Suave Soirée

A magical night awaits at Diner en Blanc. Last year, Spears Consulting Group and its Social Renaissance (a series of four annual events tailored to young professionals across the region) brought the international phenomenon Diner en Blanc to New Orleans as only the fourth U.S. city to host the event. This year, on May 10, they’ll be doing it again.

Read the full article - Diner en Blanc, a pop up social/dining event that a colleague of mine described as a performance art picnic, drew 850 attendees to New Orleans' riverfront Saturday evening. The secret location, which was unknown to even the participants until the last minute, was the picturesque plaza behind The Port of New Orleans Administrative Building near the foot of the Crescent City Connection.

Under a cloudless cobalt sky, picnickers arrived by buses at 7 p.m., toting their own tables, food and beverages to the plaza. Everyone had been instructed to wear white from head to toe, but the dress code didn't prohibit creativity. Some diners augmented their snowy linen suits and cotton dresses with white masks, broad-brimmed hats, wigs, and -- in one case -- a white Hawaiian lei. Admission was $35 in advance. As the gray Mississippi River rolled past, a clattering arose, as diners unfolded tables and chairs, uncorked bottles, lit candles and otherwise prepared for the do-it-yourself event. The bridge was splashed with pale orange light as sun set.

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GoNOLA - When Chic Comes to the City: Diner en Blanc in New Orleans:

New Orleans is no stranger to world-famous. We hang out with world-famous in our backyards and on our Friday nights, on our way to work and in our daily meals. We’ve got world-famous food, world-famous musicians, world-famous traditions, and heck, even world-famous travel options (locals’ tip: it’s a streetcar, not a trolley). So it’s no surprise that when another world-famous event needed to choose what city to visit next, they happened upon the Big Easy – and realized it would be brilliant.