СНПЧ А7 Пенза, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

Social Renaissance is a series of four annual events produced by Spears Consulting Group and tailored to appeal to young professionals across the region. Each event has its own uniqueness that adds to the series and creates everlasting memories for guests.

Diner en Blanc is the first event of the four part Social Renaissance Series. Diner en Blanc is an International event that happens in locations all around the world including Paris, Spain, Africa, Australia, New York and now New Orleans. It is a huge outdoor dining experience designed to facilitate engagement in the community and networking with new people. Diner en Blanc is held at a top-secret location at which all guests arrive together via group transportation.

The second event of the series is The Millennials. The Millennials is an award show ceremony that honors dynamic young professionals in the Greater New Orleans area who have contributed to the community through public service, made significant strides in business sectors, and served as cultural ambassadors.

International Festival is the third event of the four part series, taking place in the fall. International Fest is an outdoor festival that celebrates different parts of the world by showcasing entertainment, cuisine, arts and crafts, and wears from communitites across the globe.

Social Renaissance ends with a massive New Year’s Eve party titled The NYE Experience. As one of the biggest parties in the city, The NYE Experience offers guests a variety of music from New Orleans's biggest names and the opportunity to close out the new year. 

City leaders, tourism officials, and business leaders believe that these events much like other festivals will add to the global New Orleans experience as well as continue to attract young professionals to the area in large numbers.



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